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The lawyer on criminal cases


Lawyer Golubev Alexey Mikhaylovich, рег. No. 50/629 (register of lawyers Mosk. the Region) has wide experience on protection of suspects, defendants, defendants, victims and witnesses on criminal cases.
The lawyer on criminal cases Golubev A. M. offers the services in protection of the citizens accused of commission of such crimes as murder, theft, the robbery, robbery, fraud; sale, storage and use of drugs; stealing, acquisition and storage of weapon, hooliganism, "computer" crimes, "piracy", distribution of pornproducts, giving and taking of a bribe, rape, beating, causing heavy harm to health, etc.
The lawyer Golubev A. M. participated in the hardest processes when the defendant was accused at once under 15 articles of the Criminal code when 7 defendants and on cases which continuously were considered by court within 2 months were connected to the case at once.
The lawyer on criminal cases Golubev A. M. more than 10 times protected defendants in court with participation of jury members. One case where the defendant was accused of taking of a bribe (Art. 209 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) ended with the verdict of acquittal. Another matter on which the person was accused of commission of murder of 3 people and of assault ended quite successfully: jury members came to the conclusion that the defendant did not commit triple murder, but assault was, the client recognized it; as a result the defendant avoided nearly 100% of lifelong punishment. Two affairs ended with the fact that jurors in the verdict took out to the defendant indulgence.
On three different cases in which defendants admitted the guilt and were accused of especially serious crimes (murders, taking of a bribe in the large size) on punishment of 7 years before which life imprisonment, the court imposed sentence below the lowest, i.e. 5 and 6 years of imprisonment respectively. After departure 2/3 terms at them will appear good chance of parole for good behavior.
In January, 2005 the client of the lawyer Golubev was completely acquitted by the judge, the client was accused of two murders and one robbery.
In lawyer practice of the lawyer Golubev A. M. there were cases when criminal cases stopped due to the lack of corpus delicti, in connection with conciliation of the parties, in connection with the expiration of prescriptive limits and in connection with change of the situation.

Often our citizens do not know as well as where to favor on actions (failure to act) of the investigator, prosecutor, judge.

Complaint to actions (failure to act) of the judge.

Complaints to actions (failure to act) of the judge are made depending on case to the Chairman of justices where the judge (if world, then to the chairman of district court), in Qualification board of judges, in the Highest qualification board of judges works.

The complaint as article 125 Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation.

Resolutions of body of inquiry, the investigator, the investigator, the head of investigating body on refusal in initiation of legal proceedings, about the termination of criminal case, and equally in other actions (failure to act) and decisions of the investigator, the chief of division of inquiry, the chief of body of inquiry, body of inquiry, the investigator, the head of investigating body and the prosecutor which are capable to cause damage to constitutional rights and freedoms of participants of criminal trial or to complicate access for citizens to justice, can be appealed in court.

The complaint as article 124 Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation.

Complaint to the prosecutor, head of investigating body.

Where still make complaints?

Investigative committee of the Russian Federation.
DSB Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.
Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation.
Commissioner for Human Rights.
Administration of the President of the Russian Federation.
Management M of FSB of Russia.
Human rights organizations.
Anti-corruption organizations.

Services of the experienced lawyer in criminal cases:

COMPETENT CONSULTATION on protection of suspected (defendants) and defendants 10 000 rub.
Protection of suspects and defendants during pretrial investigation (before consideration of the case in court) and directly in court from 30000 rub.
Protection (representation of interests) of the victims, witnesses, civil claimants and defendants passing on case 30000 rub.
Protection of citizens in court 2 instances (cassation consideration of the case) from 30000 rub.
Protection when conducting matter in supervising instance (after the sentence took legal effect) 30000 rub.
Drawing up petitions, statements, cassation and supervising complaints from 10000 rub.
Departure of the lawyer to the pre-trial detention center, colony, prison from 10000 rub.

Cm also St of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation:
Initiation of legal proceedings
Termination of criminal case
Protection of suspects and defendants during the investigation or inquiries
Protection of defendants in court
The victim and the witness in criminal procedure

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