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The lawyer on employment disputes

Employment disputes generally arise:
- at the wrong dismissal from work
- in case of nonpayment of the salary
- in case of damnification to health because of the employer

Quite often there are disputes at wrongful discharge from militia and at authority punishment. Separately there are collective employment disputes which also happen in court practice.

Services of the experienced lawyer in employment disputes:

competent consultation 10 000 rub.
drawing up the action for declaration, or objection on the claim, if you the defendant 5000 rub.
representation of your interests in court of any instance 25000 rub.
drawing up the statement for recovery of submission due date of the claim in court 5000 rub.

Attention! At some employment disputes, circulation period in court makes only one month! So do not postpone the solution of this serious question and ask for legal aid.

Remember that the quicker you address, the quicker receive real legal aid.

You call, do not hesitate, in any day, including days off and holidays by phone +7(926)5232945 from 10:00 till 24:00. Alexey Mikhaylovich Golubev.

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