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The lawyer on customs


Customs legal relationship are generally regulated by the Customs code. But, as it is accepted in our country, citizens on not knowledge or intentionally break regulations of these legal relationship therefore protocols on administrative offenses with the subsequent consideration of the case are formed, and even criminal cases, in particular under article 194 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation are brought (Evasion from customs payment). At the same time it would be desirable to note that responsibility in the form of administrative penalties and other types of punishment is quite essential, especially to legal entities, responsibility according to Art. 194 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation provides real imprisonment. Just for the solution of these problems the lawyer is also necessary.
Chapter 16 of the Code of the Russian Federation about administrative offenses is devoted to customs offense. In total more than 20 types of administrative offenses among which there is illicit movement of goods and (or) the vehicles (V) through the customs border of the Russian Federation, the non declaration or doubtful declaration of goods and (or) the CU, violation of term of providing the customs declaration and many other things are provided

Services of the experienced lawyer in customs

Legal advice bureau on customs, the subway of 1905, Krasnaya Presnya St., 29 10 000 rub.
Legal advice bureau with departure to you 20 000 rub.
Conducting business by consideration of administrative material by the customs lawyer 20000 rub.
Protection of interests by consideration of criminal case by the customs lawyer from 30000 rub.
Conducting business by the customs lawyer on the complaint to the resolution on the administrative customs offense (2nd instance) from 20000 rub.
Conducting case by the lawyer on customs in supervising instance from 20000 rub.
Drawing up by the customs lawyer explanations, petitions, complaints to the judgment 5000 rub.
Rendering other legal services in customs legal relationship. from 1000 rub.

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