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The lawyer on family affairs


Life is not so smooth and good as it would be desirable. Men and women begin to understand it after their relations flow from the stage of acquaintance in something more serious. After the married couple enters the legal marriage and registers it in the REGISTRY OFFICE, events develop according to two scenarios: or partners get used to each other, or the conflict which develops into divorce proceeding is formed. If takes place to be de facto marriage, questions of its termination and the section of property naturally will not stand, but all other "delights" of family disruption will be similar to those, as at the legal marriage.

Divorce proceeding is not only annulment of marriage. When family bonds fall, there is the question of the section of the jointly acquired property, collecting the alimony, determinations of the residence of the child. In particularly complex situations the issue of contest of paternity, deprivation of the parent rights, determinations of the order of communication with the child, etc. is resolved.

That in the future there were no problems with the section of the jointly acquired property, it is possible to make and to notarially certify the Marriage agreement. At the same time it is necessary to consider that the marriage agreement governs only the property relations of spouses. For example, determination of the residence of the child and collecting the alimony are separate family affairs which in case of disagreement of the parties, are subject to consideration in court.

The help of the lawyer can be necessary in the following family situations:

- Annulment of marriage
- Section of the jointly acquired property
- Recognition of marriage invalid,
- Paternity proof
- Contest of paternity
- Collecting child maintenance (children)
- Collecting the alimony for the spouse having the child age up to 3 years
- Reduction of the size of the alimony
- Determination of the residence of the child
- Determinations of the order of communication with the child
- Deprivation of the parent rights
- Restriction of the parent rights

To look at information on the cost of legal services, it is enough to click on interesting you undressed. General information about the cost of services in family affairs is included below.

On the basis of everything stated, the following legal aid is offered:

Services of the experienced lawyer in family affairs:

Legal advice bureau on collecting the alimony (the subway of 1905, Krasnaya Presnya St., 29) 10 000 rub.
Legal advice bureau with departure to you 20 000 rub.
Drawing up procedural documents (statements, actions for declaration, voluntary settlements, petitions, complaints, etc.) from 3000 rub.
Conducting matter in court from 15000 rub.

ATTENTION! In case of agreement signature on conducting business in day of the address, legal advice bureau, drawing up the action for declaration and other documents within case - it is FREE!!!
Conducting business is possible in your absence after execution of the notarized power of attorney! If necessary the Notary is near office. The cost of the power of attorney makes 1000 rubles (October, 2013)
Remember that the quicker you address, the quicker receive real legal aid.

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