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The lawyer according to complaints

Came true! After consideration of the case, the court at last passed the decision, the resolution or the sentence (depending on what case was considered: civil, administrative or criminal)

At the same time seldom there is it that all are happy with the passed decision.

In this case, citizens can exercise the right and appeal against the judicial act in the terms stipulated by the law in superior court. Such action is called<Подача апелляционной жалобы> or<Обжалование решения (приговора) суда первой инстанции>.

The courts which are originally considering case treat trial courts. It can be the magistrate judge, district or city court (depending on cognizance). If the solution of data of vessels does not arrange, it is possible to appeal against it in superior court. For example, if the decision was passed by the magistrate judge, the petition for appeal is made in district court if the decision was passed by district court of Moscow, this decision is appealed in the Moscow city court.

If the Court of Appeal of instance did not satisfy the made complaint, the judgment of the first instance takes legal effect. After that it is possible to continue to complain. The writ of appeal is in that case made already.

There are cases when submission due date of the complaint was missed, but desire to appeal against illegal decision was not gone. In this case it is necessary to take legal action with the petition for recovery of submission due date of the complaint. In my practice there was the case when the court recovered term 9 months later from the moment of decision.

Sometimes the court after adoption of the claim or for the course of consideration of the case takes out determination, for example determination about leaving of the claim without the movement or determination about return of the action for declaration. It is also possible to appeal against these determinations in courts of appeal or cassation instance. At the same time it is necessary to consider that not all determinations are appealed.

The complaint shall be issued properly, in particular articles of the law which was broken during consideration of the case shall be specified. Otherwise, chances of the positive decision in superior court sharply fall. Therefore one desire to appeal suffices, still knowledge of the Law and court practice is necessary. Respectively, it is recommended to address for rendering legal aid the lawyer who will be able to help you.

Services experienced the lawyer according to complaints

Legal advice bureau 10 000 rub.
Legal advice bureau with departure to you 20 000 rub.
Drawing up the appeal, cassation, supervising complaint from 5000 rub.
Drawing up petition for recovery of submission due dates of the complaint 3000 rub.
Representation of interests in court, by consideration of the complaint from 20000 rub.

Petition for appeal
Writ of appeal
Supervising complaint

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