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        Адвокат по искам, адвокат по исковым заявлениям.

The lawyer according to actions for declaration

The action for declaration - the legal document which helps law-abiding citizens to assert the rights in court.

Many citizens decide on writing of the claim, but at registration not seldom make mistakes: make not motivated actions for declaration and do not specify the article of the law which was broken that often is the basis for refusal in adoption of the action for declaration by court.

The experienced lawyer offers the services (from 5000 rub) on drawing up the following legal documents:
- the action for declaration about compensation of the damage caused to road accident
- the action for declaration about compensation of the damage caused by the gulf of the apartment
- the actions for declaration following from the family relations (annulment of marriage, the section of property, collecting the alimony, paternity proof, reduction of the size of the alimony and another)
- the actions for declaration following from employment relationships (recovery at work and payment for time of induced truancy; collecting salary; indemnification, the health caused by damage and another)
- the action for declaration connected with agreement breach by travel company
- the action for declaration about debt collection
- the action for declaration about copyright protection
- the statement for special proceeding (factual determination of death, recognition or is limited by incapacitated capable, establishment of abnormality of record of the act of civil status, factual determination of stay in dependence, factual determination of registration of marriage, recognition of the urachenny document invalid, the complaint to refusal to make notarial action and another)

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