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Golubev Alexey Mikhaylovich
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Services of the lawyer


All people ever have problems at which the help of the specialist lawyer - the lawyer is necessary. Someone had housing disputes (the section of property, determination of the order of use of the apartment, eviction, determination of the order of use of the household, being on the land plot and many other things); at someone family (annulment of marriage, the section of the jointly acquired property, collecting the alimony, reduction of the size of the alimony, paternity proof, adoption, deprivation of the parent rights, etc.); at someone labor (illegally discharged from office, did not pay the due salary, do not issue the service record, etc.); someone got into accident and cannot resolve peacefully the issue of collecting all appliances relying it, cases on deprivation of driver's licenses are frequent and here the help of the lawyer is useful during consideration of administrative cases. In case of criminal prosecution experiment of the lawyer Golubev A. M. on conducting criminal cases can also render you irreplaceable service. Wide experience of the lawyer Golubev A. M. on drawing up actions for declaration, objections on the claim, petitions, cassation, appeal, private and supervising complaints you also can at desire use. From there is council: it is not necessary to rely only on the forces. It is better to charge to solve the problems to the experienced lawyer who for services charges rather moderate fee. On all above, all range of legal services does not come to an end so if you had other problems, then in this case they can be solved with my help.

Services of the lawyer:

COMPETENT CONSULTATION with departure to you from 20 000 rub.
Conducting matter in court from 20000 rub.
Drawing up complaints 9000 rub.

Departure of the lawyer to regions:

Remoteness $/rub
Near Moscow area 50 km 10000 rub.
Distant Moscow area 100 km 14000 rub.
Next from the Moscow region 1 stop by train 15000 rub - 20000 rub.
Center, Northwest, Volga region night in the train 25000 rub.
Distant regions - train of 15 o'clock by train from 30000 rub.
Distant regions - airplane till 2 o'clock by airplane from 35000 rub.
Distant regions - airplane till 4 o'clock by airplane from 50000 rub.

For agreement signature on conducting matter in court or for rendering legal aid it is necessary to approach in consultation which is near m. Barricade (Moscow, Barrikadnaya St., 8, p. 9, office 5), or in case of payment for departure, the lawyer is ready to leave for rendering any kind of legal aid to you.

Remember that the quicker you address, the quicker receive real legal aid.

You call, do not hesitate, in any day, including days off and holidays by phone +7(926)5232945 from 10:00 till 24:00 Moscow time, to the rest of the time write on e-mail: agol@agol.ru
Alexey Mikhaylovich Golubev.

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