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The lawyer on road accident


If you got into accident and do not know how to collect damage from responsible for accident, or on the contrary, to you submit requirements to indemnify the caused loss, and you for any reason do not agree, then address the lawyer on road accident Golubev Alexey Mikhaylovich. Besides it makes sense to address the lawyer if there were disputes with insurance company which refuses to indemnify loss, or not completely indemnified loss, or wishes to indemnify loss from you.

In case of road accident the party at fault has the administrative or criminal responsibility. Administrative, depending on qualification of act can end with punishment from the prevention before arrest. Cases are frequent. when as a result of timely legal aid were dismissed cases due to the lack of structure of the adminitsrativny offense. Criminal responsibility comes if as a result of road accident the victim died, or heavy harm was done to health (Art. 264 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The criminal code prescribes punishment for these acts up to imprisonment for different terms.

The lawyer Golubev A. M. had to protect many times interests of defendants and defendants in court and any of clients did not get real term as punishment. On the contrary, were in most cases dismissed cases in connection with conciliation of the parties.

The lawyer Golubev A. M. has also wide experience on protection of the victims on administrative and criminal cases.

Services of the experienced lawyer in road accident:

competent consultation, m. Barricade or m. Youth 10 000 rub.
competent consultation with departure to you 20 000 rub.
drawing up the action for declaration, or objection on the claim and др documents (procedural) from 5000 rub.
representation of your interests on group of analysis in traffic police from 20000 rub.
representation of your interests by drawing up calculation in expert organization from 20000 rub.
Protection of your interests during the investigation (inquiry) 20000 rub.
Protection of your interests in court (conducting business) 20000 rub.
Drawing up petitions, statements, cassation and supervising complaints from 20000 rub.

The price on business management in court is specified for Moscow and is final if hearing of the case in court or during the investigation does not drag on.

Remember that the quicker you address, the quicker receive real legal aid.

For agreement signature on conducting matter in court it is desirable to approach in consultation (m. Barricade)

You call, do not hesitate, from any phone, in any day, including days off and holidays by phone +7(926)5232945 from 09:15 till 24:00. Consultation is possible in any day, at any time, but after 23:00 with surcharge. Alexey Mikhaylovich Golubev.

e-mail: agol@agol.ru

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