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        Адвокат по договору займа, юрист по договору займа.

The lawyer according to the loan agreement


Quite often we should lend to relatives, friends, acquaintances. When the amount of money rather big, is better not to risk and receive the receipt which is the guarantee that you receive your money back at the borrower.
That there were no problems, it is necessary to exercise in this question legally judgment.

Services of the experienced lawyer in the loan agreement:

Legal advice bureau according to the loan agreement, the subway of 1905, Krasnaya Presnya St., 29 10 000 rub.
Legal advice bureau with departure to you 20 000 rub.
Help in drawing up the receipt 5000 rub.
Drawing up the action for declaration about debt collection according to the loan agreement (according to the receipt) 5000 rub.
Participation in court, including without your presence 20000 rub or for %
Representation of interests of the defendant if you do not agree with the collected amount 20000 rub

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