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        Арбитражный адвокат, адвокат по арбитражным делам, адвокат по арбитражу.

The lawyer on arbitration

Today in our country almost all economic disputes between legal entities are considered in arbitration, the procedural order of their consideration in vessels is accurately regulated by provisions of the Arbitration procedural code Russian Federation accepted in 2002.
It should be noted that the current legislation of Russia about arbitration courts carries to their jurisdiction of business on economic disputes and the another matters connected with implementation of business and other economic activity in which, by the general rule, legal entities and citizens entrepreneurs participate on that and other party.
In arbitration courts preferential administrative and civil cases (case of claim production, case of establishment of the facts having legal value in the field of predprinimatesky and other economic activity, case of contest of decisions of reference tribunals and of issue of writs of execution on their forced execution and some other) are considered.
The main feature of consideration of the specified categories of affairs in arbitration courts is not only the subject list of participants of the economic dispute, but substantially the order of their consideration, different from civil legal proceedings.
In view of all complexity and dimensions of the legal acts applied in arbitration, and also considering the available distinctions in two specified types of legal proceedings, to heads of the number of the enterprises, the organizations irrespective of patterns of ownership it is necessary to resolve the issue of possible participation in advance by consideration of the arisen disputable situation of the experienced and competent specialist which often can be the lawyer. As its timely attraction to participation in case is capable to lead to the dispute resolution in the short time and with the smallest material costs.

Services of the experienced lawyer in arbitration:

Legal advice bureau on arbitration, the subway of 1905, Krasnaya Presnya St., 29 10 000 rub.
Legal advice bureau with departure to you 20 000 rub.
Drawing up written legal documents from 5000 rub.
Participation in negotiation process with the opponent of the client from 5000 rub.
Assistance to the client assembled, to preparation and execution of required documentation 10000 rub.
Conducting arbitration case in court from 50000 rub.

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