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        Адвокат по административным делам, юрист по административным делам.

The lawyer on administrative cases


If you open the Code of the Russian Federation about administrative offenses (ADMINISTRATIVE CODE), then will come to the conclusion that you the malicious violator. Especially it concerns drivers of cars. The problem of the state is that seldom it is possible to detain the violator on site of "crime", otherwise, the budget of the state would grow very much even significantly!

17 heads the ADMINISTRATIVE CODE contain types of administrative offenses (further AP). In each chapter, on average 20-30 articles under which it is possible to bring the citizen to the administrative responsibility. In each article on average 2 options of offense. By each option - different punishments:

I will list here only some AP which meet more often the others:
- AP in the field of traffic (departure on the party of oncoming traffic; management of the CU of the driver, being in alcohol intoxication; transfer of the CU to the person which is in alcohol intoxication; violation of the right of maneuvering, and many other things - in total 59 options!)
- AP against the order of management (arbitrariness; obviously false challenge of specialized services, non-performance in time the legal instruction, accommodation of citizens of the Russian Federation without passport or without registration and many other things)
- AP on transport (stowaway journey and another)
- AP in the field of finance, taxes and fees, security market
- AP in the field of military accounting
- AP in the field of business activity
- Another

The lawyer Golubev Alexey Mikhaylovich is ready to protect interests of physical persons and legal entities in court in other bodies which will consider the Apostle.
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