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Biography of the Lawyer Golubev

Адвокат Алексей Михайлович Голубев
After receiving the higher legal education in 2000 I decided to choose as the further activity - legal profession. To be gathered practicians, I got a job as the paralegal assistant. In 2001 my status raised to the trainee of the lawyer. The training was held in the Moscow regional court which is in hierarchy among vessels of the Moscow region in the first place.
In December, 2001 having successfully passed examinations, I received the official status of the lawyer and began the protective and representative activity.
Originally, to get experience, I began to protect citizens whose cases were considered in the Moscow regional court. Earlier this court was in the center of Moscow, near the subway Barricade. Now he moved to the Krasnogorsk district. Affairs in the basic were criminal and to destination vessels. I.e. I performed protection of defendants as "the state lawyer" since each citizen accused of crime execution needs the qualified defender.
The criminal cases considered in this court belong to the heavy category: Murders with aggravating circumstances (Art. 105 of h 2 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), Gangsterism (Art. 209 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), Creation of the criminal society (Art. 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), Taking of a bribe in especially large size (the p. 4 of Art. 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), etc.
As these categories of affairs allow defendants to choose jury trial, I more than 10 times participated in consideration of criminal cases with participation of jury members. Despite the accusatory system reigning in our justice, two affairs ended with the fact that jurors unanimously took out to the defendant indulgence. One case ended with the verdict of acquittal: jury members came to the conclusion that the defendant accused of threefold murder is not guilty. There was still the most rare case for our judicial system: the man accused of two murders and one robbery was completely acquitted by the judge considering case solely.
Having accumulated experience, I came to the Russian open spaces, protecting and representing the interests of citizens in vessels of Moscow, the Moscow region and in regions.
Gradually categories of affairs in which I began to be engaged increased. Big practice appeared on the administrative cases connected with violations in the field of Traffic, road accident, family affairs, employment, housing disputes, hereditary affairs, cases on damages recovery, debts, etc.
Due to competent creation of the position, clients on criminal cases managed to be put on probations for heavy and especially heavy articles, including for theft in the large size, the robbery, robbery, fraud, causing heavy harm of health, possession of drugs in especially large size, etc. Cases when the client who is under recognizance not to leave was condemned to real term, are single.
By the nature of the activity, it was necessary to represent the interests of party injured also. Lawyer activity such is that sometimes it is necessary to undertake functions of the prosecutor.
Protection of interests of citizens me was performed in Moscow city and Moscow regional courts, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, Warships, vessels Moscow, Smolensk, Nizhny Novgorod. The Bryansk region, vessels St. Petersburg, and also in all 33 district courts of Moscow. Some processes lasted one day that represents the unusual occurrence, others proceeded several years.
At the request of the client, I am ready to protect interests of citizens in all degrees of jurisdiction of the Russian Federation and to reach up to the European Court of Human Rights.
It is clear to all that work of the lawyer which is engaged in case of the client shall be paid, as well as any other work. For agreement signature on conducting matter in court, in law enforcement agencies, traffic police, or for receiving legal advice bureau it is necessary to approach in office which is near m of 1905 (Moscow, Krasnaya Presnya St., 19, the floor 3, office 14). In case of payment for departure, I am ready to leave for rendering any kind of legal aid to you.

You call, do not hesitate, from 09:00 till 21:00 by phone +7(926)5232945.
Legal advice bureau, drawing up necessary procedural documents, implementation of protection in Law enforcement agencies are possible also on the weekend, in case of surcharge and the preliminary arrangement.
By the nature of activity, I often should be in court, on investigative actions, or in the pre-trial detention center in this connection it is not always possible to approach phone (or the subscriber can be unavailable), in this case you can send SMS with the request to call. Or, as option, it is possible to write on my e-mail and to report the data, legal aid to you is necessary to specify what type and to leave the contact telephone number on which it is possible to contact you.

Your lawyer, Golubev Alexey Mikhaylovich.

e-mail: agol@agol.ru

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